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This book shelf style Christmas tree is great fun, you can use the shelves to hold gifts, only issue would be storing it when it’s not the holiday season.

Now another book shelf idea is using your existing book shelf to create the image of a Christmas tree by leaning your books.

{Image from better homes gardens}



Woo I so want a slide at my place, only problem it is just one level.

If you like these stools you should see my post Wooden Stools.

How about this one the stool is just the old stump cut down to the right size and for a little more fun painted white around the edge.

Fun table centre piece you could hang ginger bread christmas decorations or other sweet treats on.

You can buy this drift wood tree at devondriftwood designs, this shop also has a large variety of decorative indoor pieces made from driftwood. Really nice site to explore.

You could make this tree from drift wood or outdoor sticks you find around the place.

This is a roof hanging christmas tree which you could use year round as a hanging decoration outside on the patio.

Here is a how to on how you can make your own drift wood tree, looks easy enough.

You can buy this drift wood tree from here.

Ooo i really like this one, it would be difficult to find such flat peices of wood you would need to buy this one from fusion home store.

Here is anotheryou could make that would be rather space saving when not christmas time as it is flat.

Super great idea for a christmas tree, especially if you are short on space, you can buy this sticker tree here.

You can buy these wall stickers from here. The great thing about these ones is that you can use them all year round as you don’t need to put them in a christmas tree shape.

A great alternative to a christmas tree is to use an ordiary house plant just position it in a more central spot in the house and add you favourite christmas decorations.

A normal tree is great but you have to buy a fresh one every year. A plastic tree is well plastic, but here you have a variety of modern wooden trees which are different and fun.

I din’t know this was possible, an indoors clean shed this is truly unheard of.

{image from pin tangle}
 This is from pin tangle it uses beads and embroidery techniques it reminds me of something I saw in burda style shown below.


{Image from buttonwork-1-and-2}
{Image from buttonwork-1-and-2}

These are both made entirely of buttons by loulourosa. They are just so beautiful! Just if i had that many buttons.