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Now this is a renters wall christmas tree as all you need is a sturdy wall hook which most rental properties have at least one of.


1. Christmas Trees by Marie Claire
2. Mushrooms from Tine K
3.  Stocks from Dreamy Whites

1. DIY Star Ornament from Upon A Fold

2. Paper Snowflake Ornaments from Home Life

3. DIY Paper Wheels from Ruffled

4. Holiday Cards Ornaments from Martha Stewart

5. Geometric Ornaments from Scandinavian Decko

Previously I never liked the style of jewellery storage shown above but now I have more jewellery and it just gets piled perhaps if I had my own it would go back neatly in place. Not sure but I guess it’s worth a try.

You can buy these shoe storage drawers from IKEA. But what about using them for something other than shoes.



When re covering a couch it’s best you choose a neutral colour or classic print that will last the test of time. As it can be expensive and you want your piece to last.

I think denim like material would be a classic that wouldn’t go out of fashion to quickly. It’s especially nice with a more luxurious style sofa. This image is from hgtv.


These are nice matching but not, perfect.

I like this striped one, cute.

Click here how to instructions on making your own couch cover.