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Old drum not in use, so fun and interesting. Great for a low bed.

Side bin as a bedside table. Great for a rustic look, to add a bit of fun to your home.

So cute the carved rabbit, would be great to hide books.


{Image from design sponge}

This up cycled piece of wood is great as a kitchen island no need to do anything and it even has a drawer for extra storage. If you pick up some extra old drawers you could even add more if you were interested. I know I would as I love storage space.

What a great idea for a small space, a filing cabinet. Click on the image for the how to.

You can make your own out of pieces of pipe and wood which gives a really refreshing industrial look to a place.

How about an up cycled piece of furniture turned into a island with use of a nice piece of recycled wood placed on top as the counter.

This one is really cool made from an old cabinet up cycled.

This one is really nice with the paper roll holder.

This lamp is amazing it has a beautiful folded shade just perfect well I think I also love the home decor also.

There are always plenty of old suitcases at thrift shops or on road side drops, the best thing about re-using them is there storage they make a great feature peice so most people forget about there huge storage capacity compaired to drawers. Bleow are a few ideas of how you can re-use suitcases in your home.

Instead of a trunk at the end of the bed

Side Table

Coffee or Bedside Table

Here is a really cool way to make a coffee table which could be used to store boardgames, books or what ever your heart desires or needs to be kept somewhere .

If adding legs like the above image seems daunting you can always use a luggage stand like the image below.

Instead of a luggage stand you can use a stool which could be better for a more modern look.
Harlem Apartment - Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Another great way to make a bed side table or coffee table is just to stack a heap of suitcases if you can find that many this would be even better for storage, it really does make the room look alot more vintage with a hole stack rather then just one.

The living area essentials which create function and organisation.

1. Couch that can easily double as a bed

2. Coffee or side table

3. Blanket (crochet for attractivness and woolen for warmth)

4. Cushions (the larger the better for hugging when watching a film)

The living area accessories which add the element of design and beauty to a space.

1. Indoor Plant

2. Rug (I prefer ethnic and pastel in colour)

3. Lamp (If you have a friends around often then fary lights are great or an extra lamps for mood lighting so you don’t need the over head light)

4. Gutar (I don’t play they just look so good)

5. Bike (Ok! so not really essential but if you have the space and preferable a cool storage rack)

{Image from apartment therapy}

I like this crochet rug with the more modern bedside tables and accessories around.

I like this long white storage shelf and TV stand with the more traditional rug on the floor.

White is so clean and crisp, it reduces the appearance of clutter and makes a house look more modern.

If you want your kitchen to appear modern without the need to spend big money on new cupboards. You can remove the doors, it saves you closing them anyway and stops you bumping your head and encourages you to keep your shelves tidy.