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Reminds you of the Flintstones much?

Wow cool blue door. Love the basic white inside.




Floor Boards

Now homes can get really boring when there is a very organized space. One way to brighten it up is by adding some childish fun as it will make guests and yourself mile every day.

Tree Branch

You can hang a piece of drift wood and use it to hold up other pieces of artwork. This image is from 101 woonideen. You could also hand your clothes on if it were secure enough.

You can add some nails then use it as a jewellery holder.

Coat hanger

This is a great way of storing some rarely used beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Chair back

There is a curb side garbage pick up going on in my area currently and there is loads of old broken chairs on the side walk. This would be a great way of recycling them.

Framed picture frame

Hang picture then but a border around it for added effect. You could do this if a picture seemed to small for the space it had.

{Image from hgtv}

Low hanging

Hang a picture below a window.

{Image from hgtv}

Off centre

Hang a picture or clump of pictures off centre and use ornaments to even up the space.

{Image from hgtv}


This grid layout is good for displaying photos or post cards.

{Image from apartment therapy}

{Image from apartment therapy}

Tight Grid

{Image from apartment therapy}

I prefer this tight grid because of it’s missing areas. I’m not one for uniformity. But this gives a balance of consistency and also a bit of uniqueness.


{Image from apartment therapy}

This is a great use of space from especially in the kitchen where it is difficult to hang artwork or photos due to the splash factor.

Cluster spread

This cluster of different frames is spread over 2 walls for something different.

{Image from apartment therapy}

Beside a window

{Image from bloesem}


I think this is a great way of hanging things as it looks really relaxed and easy.

{Image from bloesem}