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You can buy these shoe storage drawers from IKEA. But what about using them for something other than shoes.

Unusual book case is great at a angle which makes it different, in a fun way.

This is really fun and you can customize this case to say what you would like.

If you don’t have much space to work for in your home. Try to use your dining table as your home office and add storage space. Like above with the extra beam added down low as an extra storage area.

This cutlery drawer under the desk is a great storage idea very functional especially in a small space. If you like this miss match of chairs then see my previous post mix and match dining chairs.

This storage is good also but not as attractive as it is visual could be covered with a table cloth although.

Crate storage

This large Crate is turned into a rolling storage box by adding a top and wheels, great!

Fabric covered crate

This one is completely covered box great for storing blankets and pillows not in use. Great fabric choice also, this is wonderful feature of the room.


Pair of Stools

What is better then one stool is two stools. Love this choice of fabric as it matches but doesn’t. I so want these they would look great at the end of the bed sitting together.

Low Level Stools

Wow this fabric is amazing. Would be great to roll around on these.

Bar Stools

This is a great way of using metal crates or wooden ones would work also. Click on the image for the how to instructions.
This one is great for use as a storage area and coffee table, great for a small space.
There are always plenty of old suitcases at thrift shops or on road side drops, the best thing about re-using them is there storage they make a great feature peice so most people forget about there huge storage capacity compaired to drawers. Bleow are a few ideas of how you can re-use suitcases in your home.

Instead of a trunk at the end of the bed

Side Table

Coffee or Bedside Table

Here is a really cool way to make a coffee table which could be used to store boardgames, books or what ever your heart desires or needs to be kept somewhere .

If adding legs like the above image seems daunting you can always use a luggage stand like the image below.

Instead of a luggage stand you can use a stool which could be better for a more modern look.
Harlem Apartment - Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Another great way to make a bed side table or coffee table is just to stack a heap of suitcases if you can find that many this would be even better for storage, it really does make the room look alot more vintage with a hole stack rather then just one.

{Image from pinterest}

A stove top kettle.

1. Saves bench space (can be stored on your stove top at all times)

2. Attractive (adds a homely feel to a stove top)

3. No power plug or cordes required

4. Fun whisteling sound (Ok! so may not be)

Amazing why did everyone change to power pluged kettles.