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Click on the above image for how to make your own glass bottle lamp. I also love the giant wish bone.


This is so cool, great way to use old negatives. You may be able to see some of those old memories when you have the light on.

Click on the picture above for the how to instructions.

Click on the picture above for the how to instructions.

There are may things that you can make your own Chandeliere from. Below is a little compolation of ideas the base of most of these are an ordinary bare lamp shade that you can pick up for very little at most thrift stores.

Plastic Place-mat

Wax Paper


Paint Chips


This reminds me of dance classes and charleston dresses.

Exhaust Fan

Whist Light

Click here for the how to.

Bottle Light

Tea Cups

Tea pots

World Map

Jelly Molds

Crystal Glasses

Glass Funnel

This lamp is amazing it has a beautiful folded shade just perfect well I think I also love the home decor also.

If you want to make colorful feature lantern then click on the image for the how to instructions.

If you already have a paper lantern then you can update it by covering it in trimmings found at your local craft store.

Now if you want to bring some nature indoors try a tree branch lamp, you can find the DIY instructions from grand design.

I prefer this image above with the branch painted white it blends in really well with the room.


{Image from apartment therapy}

Pendant lamps are great for decorating a space, I think this would look especially nice over a dining table.

{Image from apartment therapy}

You can get this how to fromĀ here.

Such a cute way of decorating an outdoor space if you want to multi purpose your Christmas lights for any time of year. The how to of this project can be found here.