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I want a book table. To make you own all you need is a window frame and loads of books.


Previously I never liked the style of jewellery storage shown above but now I have more jewellery and it just gets piled perhaps if I had my own it would go back neatly in place. Not sure but I guess it’s worth a try.

Old drum not in use, so fun and interesting. Great for a low bed.

Side bin as a bedside table. Great for a rustic look, to add a bit of fun to your home.

So cute the carved rabbit, would be great to hide books.

Now homes can get really boring when there is a very organized space. One way to brighten it up is by adding some childish fun as it will make guests and yourself mile every day.

I want a Phrenological Bust, now I know not many people would have this same desire. I have an interest in human anatomy and therefore find them interesting in more then just there visual appeal.

I do I think they are awesome and want a old vintage one. I love thrift shopping and have never seen one.

I think it would go best in the bathroom as it is ceramic it wouldn’t be damaged by the water. I would also work well in the bedroom or entry as a hat stand.

You can hang a world map on you wall which is becoming more and more popular. This photo is from modern home designing. There are many ways of getting a map on your wall a number of options are listed.


This idea is from home life what they have done is taken a map and cut it into portions then put each section on a canvas then placed them close enough together to be readable.

The above style is from remodel aholic, I like how the canvas’s are all a few different sizes.

Painted/ Sticker

You can paint a map on to your wall this picture is from home life. Templates can be found at world maps online. Or you can do this same thing using stickers if painting seems like to much of a commitment. You can buy stickers from Fern Living I found this image from the on-line store bodie and fou.

Wall paper

You can even wall paper a map on to a wall if you find a supplier, sorry but I haven’t managed to.

Lots of Maps Stuck to the Wall


If you just want a small map then you can try this option. This image is from Jen McCable. If you want a larger map framed but you cant find a large enough frame you can make your own like in my post Wall Paper Feature Art.


I like the look of this hanging carpet you can get so many different pretty carpets. My dog seems to always sit on my favourite one I should probably hang it to avoid it being ruined.

{Image from here}


You can hang a quilt using nails if it is not to heavy like this image below. Or you may require a rod attachment if it is heavier.

{Image from design sponge}


{Image from desing sponge}

I have a large doily collection and nothing to do with them yet. I found these doily lamps which are very cute.

{Image from find make do}

{Image from Ajore blog}