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I have a thing about maps and I also love travel. These are all really cool DIY ideas. The thing is that I only want one of them but can’t decide witch.


Previously I never liked the style of jewellery storage shown above but now I have more jewellery and it just gets piled perhaps if I had my own it would go back neatly in place. Not sure but I guess it’s worth a try.

Click on the picture above for the how to instructions.

Click on the picture above for the how to instructions.

Tree Branch

You can hang a piece of drift wood and use it to hold up other pieces of artwork. This image is from 101 woonideen. You could also hand your clothes on if it were secure enough.

You can add some nails then use it as a jewellery holder.

Coat hanger

This is a great way of storing some rarely used beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Chair back

There is a curb side garbage pick up going on in my area currently and there is loads of old broken chairs on the side walk. This would be a great way of recycling them.

Large Clock Face

Traditional looking clock really fitts with the retro floors.

Iphone Clock

This one is very modern and fun.

Melted clock

This melted clock is really cool as you don’t need a wall to hang it just a shelf or table top.

Recycled Wood

This is really large scale would be difficult to make your self but not impossible. Great for learning to tell the time as it’s so super big.

Exhaust Fan

Whist Light

Click here for the how to.

Bottle Light

Tea Cups

Tea pots

World Map

Jelly Molds

Crystal Glasses

Glass Funnel