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This is a wonderful wash station. Wonderful easy clean chopping area and lovely stone.

Wonderful way of drying dishes discreetly.

{Image from the kitchen}

If you are sick of looking at your stove top or just want some more cutting up space, cover it with a wooden board.

{Image from design sponge}

This up cycled piece of wood is great as a kitchen island no need to do anything and it even has a drawer for extra storage. If you pick up some extra old drawers you could even add more if you were interested. I know I would as I love storage space.

What a great idea for a small space, a filing cabinet. Click on the image for the how to.

You can make your own out of pieces of pipe and wood which gives a really refreshing industrial look to a place.

How about an up cycled piece of furniture turned into a island with use of a nice piece of recycled wood placed on top as the counter.

This one is really cool made from an old cabinet up cycled.

This one is really nice with the paper roll holder.

{Image from re-nest}

You can use vinyl contact paper which is available from most discount shops and simply cut it to size and stick on. It will remove easily so great for renters.


{Image from pinterest}

A stove top kettle.

1. Saves bench space (can be stored on your stove top at all times)

2. Attractive (adds a homely feel to a stove top)

3. No power plug or cordes required

4. Fun whisteling sound (Ok! so may not be)

Amazing why did everyone change to power pluged kettles.

{Image from design sponge}

The morbid scared girl in me says this is a bad idea having knives so easily accessible for intruders, but it does look nice.

If you want your kitchen to appear modern without the need to spend big money on new cupboards. You can remove the doors, it saves you closing them anyway and stops you bumping your head and encourages you to keep your shelves tidy.

Check out the how to instructions for these DIY plates.

{Image from bloesem}