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{Image from design sponge}

I think sometimes the cow hide rug can make a place look less clean and darker. So to contrast the cow I think this green fern goes well to brighten the place up.

{Image from chicargo weekly}

Or if you are lucky and have a large space you can spread the rug over a space. I love the space in the above image with the traditional carpet and beautiful cow hide. If you want some more cow hide rug inspiration click here.

This is a great way of using metal crates or wooden ones would work also. Click on the image for the how to instructions.
This one is great for use as a storage area and coffee table, great for a small space.

Large Checkers

Checkers are a really fun but could possible overwhelm a space.

Black Floor

Black floors are very fun you can complement them by using white features.

White Floor

With white floors you should possible also have white walls. You can use colorful details inside as the white will overwhelm if you are not careful.

Painted Bricks

Bricks painted on concrete are a great idea as it brightens up a normally boring grey place.




This is from Dream weavers originally.

Loom Rugs

This is by Weaver Girl very similar to one shown below.

Stitched Rug

I love these beautiful hand crochet rugs. This one is from craftzine, I want to do it one day but first need to learn how to crochet.

This is a similar rug but with a smaller rope seams of life.

This rug is crochet from plastic bags. The how to is at my recycled bags.

Still crochet but a lot more fun found at peanutbutter dynamite.

This image is from yasly well I may be better at this one as i have some idea how to knit but I imagine it is a lot harder then the man in the picture makes it appear.

This is from Martha Stewart great fun rug and a bit easier then crochet I think 🙂  I’ll have to try.

what I want is a cow hide rug, I’ve been looking around but it’s difficult to decide what color or style. This one really works nicely as the floors are white and there is a large open space.
I think this design is really cool how it is little squares in a fun design, but not sure if it is for me.
I think that I want a white one. As the darker colors make a room to heavy and dark especially if it is in a low light area.
Now if you are against using animal skin this is for you a patched cow hide rug, the how to instructions are from marie claire ideas I think this would be really fun for a kids room. Super Cute hay!

Bean bags make a house look comfortable and welcoming, these are an unusual design and would be alot of fun to make as the instructions are in a different language.

Nice wooden book shelf and funky desk chair, these would be great investment peices in any home.

I love this wooden bed side table with it’s curved edges.

Awesome cork looking doily mat designed by Jardan, who has a new flagship store in Brisbane.

Super great sideways clock, really unusual design very old shool train station like. The lamp shades in this room are really fun also.