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Crate storage

This large Crate is turned into a rolling storage box by adding a top and wheels, great!

Fabric covered crate

This one is completely covered box great for storing blankets and pillows not in use. Great fabric choice also, this is wonderful feature of the room.


Pair of Stools

What is better then one stool is two stools. Love this choice of fabric as it matches but doesn’t. I so want these they would look great at the end of the bed sitting together.

Low Level Stools

Wow this fabric is amazing. Would be great to roll around on these.

Bar Stools


{Image from apartment therapy}

This suitcase stacked table would be easy to create simply collect some suitcases or trunks then stack them and lay old wooden door or new fresh piece of timber on top. This would be great for a side table as you could just stack one height of cases and lay some timber or glass on top. It would also work for additional storage space if you filled the cases with all of your winter clothes or rarely used items. I do like to collect nice case and baskets and I tend to store all of my clothes in these at the top of the wardrobe where they remain unseen, this would be a great way to show them.

This suitcase table is really cool also. You can make your own if you would like click here to be taken to my older post with a collection of furniture pieces you can make using suitcases.

This is a great way of using metal crates or wooden ones would work also. Click on the image for the how to instructions.
This one is great for use as a storage area and coffee table, great for a small space.

I love this, really modern and it can be used as a coffee table and a ottoman. With a tray on top you can store all of your normal coffee table nick nacks on top. Click the image for the how to instructions.

This one is also nice very old looking. Click the image for the how to instructions.

Tree Branch

You can hang a piece of drift wood and use it to hold up other pieces of artwork. This image is from 101 woonideen. You could also hand your clothes on if it were secure enough.

You can add some nails then use it as a jewellery holder.

Coat hanger

This is a great way of storing some rarely used beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Chair back

There is a curb side garbage pick up going on in my area currently and there is loads of old broken chairs on the side walk. This would be a great way of recycling them.

1. New Trendy from Stylizimo

2. Vintage from Strawberry Chick

2. Recycled Table Top from You Are River

1. Industrial from Lowes Creative Ideas

2. Wire from Lowes Creative Ideas

Large Clock Face

Traditional looking clock really fitts with the retro floors.

Iphone Clock

This one is very modern and fun.

Melted clock

This melted clock is really cool as you don’t need a wall to hang it just a shelf or table top.

Recycled Wood

This is really large scale would be difficult to make your self but not impossible. Great for learning to tell the time as it’s so super big.

Roof Beams



Table Edge

A cut off table is a great idea, good for a hallway with very little space.

Half Moon Table


This is a good idea as a shelf but is interesting, you can put a hinge on the top of the suitcase and then use it for extra storage.


These chairs a good for making a place to hang you clothes in your bedroom and it wouldn’t look messy as that is there purpose.