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Click on the above image to get the how to make these wonderful leather drawer pulls.

Click on this above image for instructions on how to make this recycled belt drawer pull.



Click on the image to get the instructions it’s really cute. If you want one very similar for your Iphone click here.

what I want is a cow hide rug, I’ve been looking around but it’s difficult to decide what color or style. This one really works nicely as the floors are white and there is a large open space.
I think this design is really cool how it is little squares in a fun design, but not sure if it is for me.
I think that I want a white one. As the darker colors make a room to heavy and dark especially if it is in a low light area.

This book strap is very old school and would be a fun way of tying together your reading books if you are anything like me and leave a huge pile beside your bed (as you can never be sure of what you may feel like reading). Click here for the how to.