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1. Christmas Trees by Marie Claire
2. Mushrooms from Tine K
3.  Stocks from Dreamy Whites

I have seen these cool leather ottoman around the place so classic and fun. The colour blocking is really great and modern.

This is a DIY colour wheel pouf.

I have made one of these and it was really very simple. The other great thing is that I made mine with a zip and used it to store material.

This patchwork pouf is really cool and I absolutely love this interior design.

When re covering a couch it’s best you choose a neutral colour or classic print that will last the test of time. As it can be expensive and you want your piece to last.

I think denim like material would be a classic that wouldn’t go out of fashion to quickly. It’s especially nice with a more luxurious style sofa. This image is from hgtv.


These are nice matching but not, perfect.

I like this striped one, cute.

Click here how to instructions on making your own couch cover.

This beautiful slip cover is from Bemz. Great for covering a spare bed and using it as a couch for your spare room or sun room. Lovely.

Crate storage

This large Crate is turned into a rolling storage box by adding a top and wheels, great!

Fabric covered crate

This one is completely covered box great for storing blankets and pillows not in use. Great fabric choice also, this is wonderful feature of the room.


Pair of Stools

What is better then one stool is two stools. Love this choice of fabric as it matches but doesn’t. I so want these they would look great at the end of the bed sitting together.

Low Level Stools

Wow this fabric is amazing. Would be great to roll around on these.

Bar Stools


Wire Waste Basket

For other DIY lamp shade ideas see my previous post Recycled Pendent Lights.

I love this, really modern and it can be used as a coffee table and a ottoman. With a tray on top you can store all of your normal coffee table nick nacks on top. Click the image for the how to instructions.

This one is also nice very old looking. Click the image for the how to instructions.