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There are may things that you can make your own Chandeliere from. Below is a little compolation of ideas the base of most of these are an ordinary bare lamp shade that you can pick up for very little at most thrift stores.

Plastic Place-mat

Wax Paper


Paint Chips


This reminds me of dance classes and charleston dresses.


1. Floral Gift Tags

Click here to download the printable.

2. Bows

3. Gift wrap Set

Click on the image to be taken to poppytalk where you can download the hole set.

4. Monogram

Click on the image to be taken to Martha Stewart where you can download each letter individually.

You can make a notebook out of old books or library cards you have lying around your home. This lined paper brings back memories of primary school. Click on the image for the how to directions.

The below version is made from a receipt paper role. I think it would be great for writing your shopping list on as you won’t run out of space. Once again if you like just click on the image for the how to.

Click here to learn how to bind your own book. Other ways to bind your own book are available here.

Click here to make your own personalized book plate.

Click on the image to get to personalized book internal stickers.


I have listed a few places that I have seen antlers used recently.


See antler on the table.

Jewellery Hanger

Beside your bed would be a great place for it to hold all of your necklaces, or just a few if that would make it to full.


Map Deer

Print Deer

Click on the above image for how to instructions to make your own.

Wire Deer

Ooo! this one is my favorite I love how it sits behind the dining table, so fun.

Coat Hanger

You can hang a world map on you wall which is becoming more and more popular. This photo is from modern home designing. There are many ways of getting a map on your wall a number of options are listed.


This idea is from home life what they have done is taken a map and cut it into portions then put each section on a canvas then placed them close enough together to be readable.

The above style is from remodel aholic, I like how the canvas’s are all a few different sizes.

Painted/ Sticker

You can paint a map on to your wall this picture is from home life. Templates can be found at world maps online. Or you can do this same thing using stickers if painting seems like to much of a commitment. You can buy stickers from Fern Living I found this image from the on-line store bodie and fou.

Wall paper

You can even wall paper a map on to a wall if you find a supplier, sorry but I haven’t managed to.

Lots of Maps Stuck to the Wall


If you just want a small map then you can try this option. This image is from Jen McCable. If you want a larger map framed but you cant find a large enough frame you can make your own like in my post Wall Paper Feature Art.

If you want to make colorful feature lantern then click on the image for the how to instructions.

If you already have a paper lantern then you can update it by covering it in trimmings found at your local craft store.

Now painting on walls is a problem for renters especially such as a feature wall, but what we can do is make a feature image using wall paper or by painting on a large canvas, simply frame the image using skirting boards from the hardware store. If you don’t rent then you can but the wall paper directly on to your wall and the frame also.

This is an awesome idea use a thrift store frame behind a silhouette. Tutorial available from the bee and the bobbin.

This collection of silhouette faces is very cute and more vintage then modern especially with the pleat bottom chair and study lamp.

{Image from Valspar at Lowe's}

Now this collection of silhouette faces is more modern with a collection in the same frame, you could do this with your friends making different faces with props and then putting them in a long frame.

Super great idea you could use paint swatches collected from hardware stores to make this, but I believe this one is made of small scraps of fabric.