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1. Christmas Trees by Marie Claire
2. Mushrooms from Tine K
3.  Stocks from Dreamy Whites

1. DIY Star Ornament from Upon A Fold

2. Paper Snowflake Ornaments from Home Life

3. DIY Paper Wheels from Ruffled

4. Holiday Cards Ornaments from Martha Stewart

5. Geometric Ornaments from Scandinavian Decko

I have a thing about maps and I also love travel. These are all really cool DIY ideas. The thing is that I only want one of them but can’t decide witch.

See previous post Painted Floors.

Your wardrobe door could be a fun place for a pop of colour. You could add thin strips of wood to mimic the pattern above for fun.

Geometric patterns are a current trend you can make you plane door more interesting by adding a fun print.

I always thought that art should be easy.



I have seen these cool leather ottoman around the place so classic and fun. The colour blocking is really great and modern.

This is a DIY colour wheel pouf.

I have made one of these and it was really very simple. The other great thing is that I made mine with a zip and used it to store material.

This patchwork pouf is really cool and I absolutely love this interior design.