Now once again you must paint them first as per my previous post Writing on Furniture. I will list a number of options

Bed Head

Bed head is so cool and you can change the design when ever you get sick of it and it’s pretty much no effort at all.

Bedroom Wall

Entire Wall

{Image from roddy and ginger}
I recommend you have an open area for this one to prevent the darkness making the space look smaller.

Wall shapes

{Image from schtickers}
{Image from my sweet savannah}
Wall shapes are good for renters as the come off easy if you buy the right one.


{Image from sweet tidings}
A calendar design is good for a home that already uses one and if you can put is some where central it will be used more often.
Kitchen Splash Back
Great as it is easy  to clean and provides a fun update of your kitchen.
Also great as you can label where each item goes.