Don’t worry it’s ok! you first need to prepare the surface with black board paint and then use chalk. To decide which piece of furniture to paint you need to consider your life style.


This black board painted coffee table is from bloesem, it would be good to paint your low coffee table if you have a young child who likes to drawer or if you often entertain as it would be fun for your guests to write on and easy to clean after they are gone.


{Image from oh deedoh}
It would be great idea to paint a cupboard if you often forget where your belongings are stored as it would act as a visual reminder especially if you don’t use it often.
Kitchen or Entry Shelves

{Image from my deco}
If you want to leave notes for your partner at the entry this is a great place.


{Image from my sweet savannah}

A pantry door is a great place if your kitchen is the control center of your home. You could also paint your fridge but only one side is my suggestion or a fun pattern.