Wabi-Sabi Design not only is a really cool looking and sounding word it is a transforming design philosophy. Wabi-Sabi  design embraces imperfection, mismatched items and simplicity. It recognizes that  the world is imperfect and material goods wear away and change form over time.

Have a look at the above two images you can see they definitely are not perfect maintained new items. But imagine for an instance that they were …. My opinion is that if they were beautifully maintained in a new condition that I would have no interest in the images as I’m not a fan of the stencils used and the box and baskets would not be the center of attention. If you chip a bowl, have faded fabric or scratch some furniture then these imperfect items are actually seen as more valuable and interesting in wabi-sabi design! This taught me why I like thrift shopping so much as the items collected have always got that air of imperfection.  Perhaps this is what makes country style so popular is the worn look of the items due to there history.

Here are simple ways to integrate wabi-sabi design as outlined in casasugar:

  • Organic materials: Keep the space looking organic and natural with large windows, exposed wood cabinets, ceramic tile, and natural paint colors.
  • Storage: Add built-in cabinets that store away electronics or other “stuff” from plain view so you are left with a clean, uncluttered space.
  • Horizontal lines: Use simple, modern, unadorned furniture with horizontal lines to give the illusion of space and order.
  • Ceramics: Adorn shelves and tables with antique ceramic bowls and vases.
  • Weathered cloth and leather: Adorn the space with items that look better when beat up over time like antique kilim or woven pillows and weathered leather chairs.
  • Organic life: Fresh flowers, potted plants, and bowls of fresh fruit add color and a burst of freshness to the room.