You can hang a world map on you wall which is becoming more and more popular. This photo is from modern home designing. There are many ways of getting a map on your wall a number of options are listed.


This idea is from home life what they have done is taken a map and cut it into portions then put each section on a canvas then placed them close enough together to be readable.

The above style is from remodel aholic, I like how the canvas’s are all a few different sizes.

Painted/ Sticker

You can paint a map on to your wall this picture is from home life. Templates can be found at world maps online. Or you can do this same thing using stickers if painting seems like to much of a commitment. You can buy stickers from Fern Living I found this image from the on-line store bodie and fou.

Wall paper

You can even wall paper a map on to a wall if you find a supplier, sorry but I haven’t managed to.

Lots of Maps Stuck to the Wall


If you just want a small map then you can try this option. This image is from Jen McCable. If you want a larger map framed but you cant find a large enough frame you can make your own like in my post Wall Paper Feature Art.