The title of this post should have given the answer away “I think” this is a living creature I am talking about, and I think already I’m not commitment to caring for an animal in my life. I’ve grown up as a child having a number of animals including guinea pigs, a cow, ducks, dogs, cats, fish, birds and mice (not all at the same time though) and I’ve now moved into a unit were no pets are allowed so I’m just lacking the animal comfort I am used of. But just dreaming if I were to get a fish where would it go and what tank would I give it.

I have always loved fighting fish but it’s so sad that they can’t live together as they would hurt each other.

This is a fun addition to any fish bow a fake plug all you need is a plug with a pull cord and just place it down the bottom of the bowl you would need to have no rocks for full effect.

This is a double fish bowl with two planters on top made by IL Studio.

This multi use vase is a great idea as when you won’t have fresh flowers your bowl can remain out on display with your fish and when you do have flowers It will really surprise people that a fish is swimming with your flowers.

This is a bowl made for thrill seeking fish designed by Richard Bell for Psalt Design.

This is a mountain scape fish bowl designed by aruliden for Gaia and Gino, also a good choice.