There are always plenty of old suitcases at thrift shops or on road side drops, the best thing about re-using them is there storage they make a great feature peice so most people forget about there huge storage capacity compaired to drawers. Bleow are a few ideas of how you can re-use suitcases in your home.

Instead of a trunk at the end of the bed

Side Table

Coffee or Bedside Table

Here is a really cool way to make a coffee table which could be used to store boardgames, books or what ever your heart desires or needs to be kept somewhere .

If adding legs like the above image seems daunting you can always use a luggage stand like the image below.

Instead of a luggage stand you can use a stool which could be better for a more modern look.
Harlem Apartment - Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Another great way to make a bed side table or coffee table is just to stack a heap of suitcases if you can find that many this would be even better for storage, it really does make the room look alot more vintage with a hole stack rather then just one.