So I know these things are soon forgotten but recently I have been reading a great book called Sorted it’s all about teaching us about the skills of organisation.

{Image from Amazon}

As we all know that when your are not organised time and money is wasted finding items and buying storage boxes and such as a surface solution. Personally feel stressed when my home doesn’t appear tidy and I buy more storage items which just clutter the place (like space bags). Now they stay in the book that tidiness and organisation are different. Tidiness is a surface illusion where as organisation is more of a system for life and in terms of your home when each item has a place which is functional and practical. Organising a space should make utting items back where they belong an easy task. I am going to aim for organisation and I’m told that tidiness will follow. Therefore my New Year Resolution is to have an organised home. Also to eat less chocolate and join the gym 🙂

{Image from b-organised}

This image shows organisation as there are no doors on the cupboards so it is easier to but items away as you don’t have to open them up in the first place (time saving), jars are kept out on the bench so you dont have to but frequently used items back in the pantry.Unfortunately I’m a renter so no removing cupboard doors just yet.