{Image from uncommon goods}

The above image is a alarm clock and speaker for your I phone set up to look like a traditional alarm clock. What I love about this is that it charges your phone at the same time and you get to look at your phone with the clock always showing when you are at home.

{Image from Instructables}

I though about the benefits of the plug in system for alittle while and then decided that you can already display the time on your phone for free using an app, all I would need to do is stand my I phone up so I could see the screen from a distance. With some investigation I found someone who had already made a stand as pictured in the above image, you can see a small black attachment to the Iphone charging cable this is what makes it stand. The how to create this stand can be found here.

Steps to make your own Alarm Clock Stand for your Iphone

1. Find a stand option and make or buy it

2. Download an Iphone app which makes your phone an alarm clock, an article on choosing an Iphone alarm app can be found here. I recommend Big Flip Clock lite which is free.

Trouble shooting: If your screen display continues to go off you may want a different app which stops this occurring or you can change your auto lock setting (Settings>General>Auto-Lock>Never).