1. Simple no wood work required bed frame

Pallets are eveywhere there are three down the end of my street at the moment and about five more one street over. Why not recycle them next time you move house and need a quick new bed frame on the cheap or if you are sick of seeing your one and would like to have more of a eco approach to getting furniture.

You could raise these pallets off the floor using large besser blocks to be even more industrial and recycling (also saving money) so many positivies of doing this project.

2. Multi Stack

Now this one requires some wood work to keep the pallets securely stacked.

3. Two in one bed and side table

This is a great idea to stack crates on top of each other which come out past the bed to be used as a bedside table, the optium height of a bed side table is alittle taller then a crate and it is alittle two wide but hay dont be picky as it’s free and is a great statment peice.

4. Day bed 

This is a great addition to a black and white themed house to incorporating some eco frendly style.

5. Singe level pallets on wheels

The above is on large wheels is great for having a normal height bed, not definetly choose wheels with breaks as you may not like the bed to move around that much.

This bed has small wheels so it is still very low which I acutally prefer the look of. It is also painted white which is a more intergrated approach to adding a crate into your home if you don’t want to go quite as organic

6. Toddler bed

Now this is alot more work but very cute, click for the here DIY instructions.