Make your own kits of the above bags can be bought from The Haby Goddess.

I want to make a lunch bag. Currently I am using one from oxfamwhich I like. But I think a little carry bag would be cute.

If you want to make your own purlbee has instructions.

I prefer to make my own pattern. I plan to use this sack that was given to me. It is actually a african drum bag. I’m thinking that this material can’t get too dirty. I will let you know how this works out.
Tips from The Haby Goddess on choosing material:
1. Use an oilcloth fabric so you can just wipe it down if you don’t want to continually wash it.
2. Add a waterproofing spray to the fabric inside & out so protect against spillage stains.
3. Add an insulating fabric to help keep food cooler