What is this metal thing? Well I acutallly have no idea what it origionally was but now it is my earing holder. The above picture is of it standing up but I had a great idea when I started this post that I could also hang it upside down.

I have so much jewelry which is all essential (well acutally I just am a collector). Because of the volume I need to keep it stored on two shelves.
As my second earing holder I have a spanish item which I found at a market which was not origionally a earing holder.

This is my overflow area when I can’t be bothered putting something away. I just put a few little things hear until I get the energy to sort them. These holders were found at thrift stores on seperate occasions and they match perfectly. I love the little bowl, which looks beautiful on the inside. It is made of recycled glass fused with the ceramic bowl.

My necklace box is very well ordered so I am able to find everything.
This is the overall order which I believe works very well. I bought most of my containers at thrift stores or markets.

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