Book shelves colour coded look soo amazing. I just wish I had that many books. Acutally I am very glad I don’t have that many books as I would need a larger house.

(Image from: Flickr)
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(source: decorating ideas)
(source: Ali Par)
My miniature colour coded book shelf.

(source: Ali Par)

As you alread know I love boxes so my colour coded book shelf was the perfect place to display some of my boxes and the colour codes matched perfectly. I can’t remember if I chose these boxes for there colour or the books for theres. It all happend at the one time and worked out perfectly.

(source: Ali Par)

I was so inspired I decided my wardrobe would have the same colour coded order. I started with my shirts and then lost the inspireation. Project to be continued.

P.S. I often leave projects half done which will be good with this blog as hopefully it will give me the motivation I need to get them finished. Can’t wait to finish them all! Well I better get started.