(source: needle n thread)

These patterns are from needle n thread I think they are wonderful.

(source: flosiepoos)

You can transfer any design into an embroidery design there is a tute in burda style which shows you how.

(source 1. my transfers 2.moxie doll 3. sublime stitching 4. daddys little hurl’s inspired by lark crafts

Stiching is getting very modern it’s hard to know what I like best the old stuff or the new stuff. I think maby both.

(source: 1. moxie doll, 2. three buttons 3. kay lacoo)

It’s great to know that you arn’t limited to fabric dooners, curtains and wall art. Stiching can be used for buttons, necklaces and loads more.

 (source: lachouettejolie)
When I was butting this post together I came accross this how cute and colourful. I want to make one of my own.