Op shop hand embroidery
I love to collect hand embroidered peices which I didn’t have to spend hours making.

(source: Ali-Par)
(source: Ali-Par)
I found all of these beautiful hand embroidered peices at op shops. I love them soo much! The one on the left has a lot of texture. The right one uses many different types of stiches to make the tree, bird and flowers. They would have taken a long time to make. All I needed to do was take them out of there frames, give everything a good clean then decide where to display them.

(source: Ali-Par)
Mona Lisa hand stiched I couldn’t believe the amount of work in this frame it is about 60cm tall.
Beautiful work 
(source: average jane crafter)
This hand embroidered moon was made by average jane crafter it made me look at embroidering in a whole different way. This is more of an art form and a little abstract and not so precise.