Framed clock

I like how this clock is framed and mixed it with other artwork so that it’s an additional wall hanging not just a feature.

{Image from switche room }

Framed clock inside embroidery frame

This clock is actually inside the frame which I like as once more the clock isn’t the statement it just blends in.

{Image from samplers and such}

Frames not numbers

Made by girl has used different patterned pieces of card to fill these frames and placed them where the numbers should be. You could use small canvases covered with fabric for a similar effect.

{Image from made by girl

Good house keeping has used family photos to fill frames.

Gather 13 frames, sizes 2″ by 3″ to 4″ by 6″ (unify mismatched frames with spray paint), 12 photos, a clock kit (from a crafts store), and white paper and cardboard (to hide clock mechanism).
Pop snapshots into 12 frames.
Take out remaining frame’s glass; use it to cut cardboard and paper to fit, and place in frame.
Poke a hole through center to fit the clock’s spindle.
Push spindle through; reattach the clock’s hands. Hang as shown.

{Image from good house keeping}

Rather then using family photos you could use cool pictures to fill the frames.

{Image from Moxie doll}