Listed are a number of different ways to display your old photos

Back Splash

{Image from hgtv}

A how to can be found here. Great fun if you use old vintage photos black and white would work best.

Wooden block

{Image from ready made}

The wood it’s self is a nice thing to have but the addition of a photo makes it really special. The how to can be found here.

Postcard holder

Idea is from the march issue of oprah magazine from Peri Wolfman. I guess you would just have to keep your eyes out for an old post card holder. I would love one of those large spinning ones in the lounge room you could even label each section with where the photos were taken.

Wire frame

{Image from Kristen McAshan}

I like this as you can change photo’s when you get sick of the ones there to change things up. How to available here.

Personalised photo folders

{Image from marie claire ideas}
I have posted this idea before in my Folder Fun post but here you go again.