Cartoonizer, Underpainting 

I’ve been learning about different things available over the internet to assist you in making photos look different. For example the above effects were done using be funky this was quite a fun site and there were heeps of differnt effect options available. Be funky is a photo editing site so it took a minute to get into the program and find my way around.  

New to Old



This site wanokoto makes photos look vintage very simple to use I just found the file and pressed the button and it was done. I think this has a lot of potenital fo making all photos of myself look better.

Patchwork pattern


This cook patch work pattern was made using vam. I don’t know whether i would every have the patience or time to make a quilt. But this just looks really cool.


Tilt shift maker makes photos look like miniature modle. You need to be careful in the photo you select. Photos with lots of buildings in the centre look best.

Framing photos
1. Postage stamp
2. Canvas panles
3. Poliroid photo
Big huge labs site will add frames to photos. I just used three of the different frame option but there are lots more. Very easy to use. But the frames cut off some of the phot I think it had something to do with the size and layout of the frames as they all show a slightly different portion of the origional image. Although I still like the effect.

Shape Collage
1. Rectangle
2. Heart
3. YO

This was a program I had to download Shape collage I could but all of my photos into it and then create what ever shape I wanted. I could choose text or a few simple shapes.

The Queen with Smile Morphing
Not to be disrespectful I did try it on myself first but I don’t have any front on close up photos of myself.
Face morphing this was heeps of fun I used Cartoon pho to.You can turn yourself or other people into aliens or trolls or have a selection of different facial expressions. It works the best with front on photos.