(source: Ali Par)
I love boxes and always have. I collect boxes at op shops I have too many boxes but they are my little indulgence.
I don’t think this will ever change. Each box means alot to me and has a little story behind it. Like what i have stored in it and where I found it and even how much it cost.
They are all precious to me.
I know some of the images are not boxes I believe there is a mary frme, ring, bell and crystal mixed in there. But yes the flower is a little storage box.
I got most of these boxes at op shops or markets.

(source: Ali Par)


(source: Ali Par)
(source: Ali Par)
I was taking the above phot and dusting the shelf in that order. When I took this box of the self I dropped it.
I was very upset 😦
But then I though to myself about something I read.
Life Though
(source: Ali Par)

Change is happening every day and every second. Each day we get older, fatter, thinner and learn new things. My box was whole but then I dropped it and now it’s in peices. Yes! that is upsetting and dissapointing but it just is. 

The box dropping was instant but change is always occuring sometimes instant and sometimes very slowly. Change isn’t bad or good it just is.
So I could say by thinking this I don’t miss my box so much but I still do. That feeling just is also. The feeling will change eventually.