(source: Ali Par

Cross stich is very relaxing I have made this cute little bird in approximately 1hr while chatting at a family BBQ. I think I will be making it into a christmas decoration so it will sit around on my desk for a lot longer until I get more into the Christmas spirit only 10months to go.

(source: Ali Par

Another op shop buy the Serenity Prayer a classic saying which will never grow old. The flowers date the peice a little but I like the vintage touch. I haven’t decided where it will live yet.

(source: Ali-Par)

This is the start of my first quote inspired by the serenity prayer. I am very supprised with how long this one is taking. I have lost 2 needles and am using a tiny little frame so i have to move it after every letter almost(*Note to self buy cross stich needles). You may never see the end of the quote at the speed this is being completed. 

Tips on cross stich:
1. Always use a frame to make the finished product more even.
2. If you are transporting the cross stich to get it completed have a secure container so you don’t loose needles
3. Use short peices to reduce tangling the thread about your arms length.